About Us

Kanchan Vidhya Mandir Samudayik College

Kanchan Vidhya Mandir Samudayik College, Kanchanpur, was established in 2066 B.S. by the collective efforts and contributions of intellectuals, social workers, local people, educational devotees and local government bodies viz. Municipality, District Development Committee and Town Development Committee. This institution at first started BBS First Year Class in 2066 B.S. The number of student in the batch of 2066 was 28. It became 50 students in 2067 B.S., 139 students in 2068, 259 students in 2069 B.S., 234 students in 2070, 173 students in 2071 B.S., 196 students in 2072 B.S., and 236 students in 2073 B.S. The number of students has been increasing year by year. Due to immense sources of physical facilities like building, library, computer lap, playground etc. We can enrol nearly about 200 students in MBS. There is not any campus of MBS program affiliated to TU, FU and other universities in Mahakali Zone. The student of this locality have poor economic condition. They can't go to Kathmandu or other places for study. But they want to study MBS of TU. Now there are 839 students in our college in BBS. This college has done a lot of work in the field of education. It has contributed towards the development of library, infrastructure and teaching manpower. This is a community based college registered under the Act of TU. It is a service motive organization. It is not owned by any individual or group of individuals. Nor it is run by the government. This institution is operated and governed by a board of management committee formed under the supervision of university. This institution, being a community based institution has a responsibility of imparting education to a large number of students coming from different section of the society and from far distant places such as hilly regions and rural areas of this zone. The college is promoting various programs for the development of society. It has formed more 12 reader groups to cultivate the habit of reading books. The group leaders are motivated to conduct reading themselves, they select number of participant themselves. They organize reading program themselves. The college encourage them by providing different rewards. The reader groups are given more opportunities to use library books. Similarly educational group has been formed for the development leadership they select the members from their respective groups. Two members are selected from each group. There are four groups in first year, four group in second year, three group in third year and three group in fourth year. All the students have been trying to participate in reading activities.


The mission of the College is essentially to impart quality Art education – in the streams of Fine Arts like Painting, Sculpture, Graphic Communications, Music, and Dance; and would continue to create a pool of globally competitive artists annually. At the same time but, it would also remain engaged to nurture and project the rich cultural heritage of Nepal globally. Precisely so, the College has made special provisions in the Academic Courses – Bachelors in Fine Arts (BFA) in Traditional Nepali Art – in Painting and Sculpture.


The College, in a due course of time, is envisioned to be the leading institution of excellence in Fine Arts education in Nepal. It would achieve excellence through transformative art skills, exemplary professional preparation, and impactful engagements. Moreover, its individual and collaborative efforts would help enhance and add relevance to Fine Arts in modern and industrial society. Additionally, the implication of its application in everyday human activities will be of paramount importance.


Rejuvenate the glory of Nepali cultural heritage and help establish Nepal as a premier center of Art and Culture in the entire region.

Salient Features

The college has reasonably a well stocked library- with a specialized focus. It has an impressive collection of books on Art of Painting, Sculpture, Graphic Communications and Dance/Music etc. The students constantly avail the facility for their references purposes in studies and paper writings.

The college has professionals with long and respectable teaching experiences in their respective fields. Moreover, some of the faculty also has the privilege of being the eminent personas in their respective genres of Arts in the country.

As the college aims to transform each of the students into a celebrity, eventually - in future, it has made visions to familiarize students with all the practicalities of public exposures. And it entails many skills after their graduations.

Accordingly therefore, the college has created a space as a display hall - an Art Gallery. Moreover, the college also houses one of the renowned Art Galleries in the town- Srijana Contemporary Art Gallery. Here, they can gain first- hand practical experience to exhibit works.