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May 07 2024

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College Visit

Kanchan Vidhya Mandir Samudayik College Visits Community Colleges in Kanchanpur District

Kanchanpur, 2024/05/07 - Kanchan Vidhya Mandir Samudayik College (KVSCC) recently paid a visit to all community colleges in Kanchanpur district as part of an ongoing initiative to foster collaboration and exchange of ideas between educational institutions in the region. The visit was an opportunity for all colleges to showcase their respective academic programs, share best practices, and explore potential areas of partnership.

The delegation from KVSCC, led by Chief Coordinator Dr. Raj Kumar Saud, was warmly welcomed by the administration and faculty. During the visit, the KVSCC team had the opportunity to tour the campuses, observe classes in progress, and interact with students and faculty. They were particularly impressed by the well-equipped facilities and its commitment to providing quality education to its students.

In a special presentation, KVSCC representatives shared information about their college's academic offerings, student life, and recent achievements. They also highlighted their institution's commitment to providing students with a holistic learning experience that prepares them for success in higher education and the workforce.

The visit concluded with a lively discussion between the two delegations, where they explored potential areas of collaboration, such as joint research projects, student exchange programs, and faculty development workshops. Both parties expressed their enthusiasm for continuing the dialogue and working together to further enhance the quality of education in the region.