Photo Gallery

Before and After QAA

No Boundary


No Cemented Way

Cemented Way

No Garden


No Mounted Projector in Class Room

Mounted Projector in Class Room

No Interaction Board

Interaction Board

No Jepson Board

Jepson Board

Hand Pump Drinking Water

Purified Drinking Water with Cooler

No Well Equipped Account Section

Well Equipped Account Section

No EMIS Cell & Information Cell

EMIS Cell & Information Cell

No Health Checkup Room

Health Checkup Room

No Rest Room

Rest Room

No Change Room

Change Room

No Department Section

Department Section

No Well Equipped Office

Well Equipped Office

No Well Equipped Staff Room

Well Equipped Staff Room

No IQAC Room


No RMC Room

RMC Room

No Computer Lab

Computer Lab

No Counseling Cell

Counseling Cell

No Placement Cell

Placement Cell

No CMC Room

CMC Room

No Public Information Cell

Public Information Cell

No Reading Room

Reading Room

No E-Library


No Mega Hall

Mega Hall

No Seminar Hall

Seminar Hall

Less No. of Toilet Room

Increase No. of Toilet Room

No Well Equipped Toilet Room

Well Equipped Toilet Room

No Cricket Practice Pitch

Cricket Practice Pitch

No ADBL Bank Extension

ADBL Bank Extension

No CCTV Camera

CCTV Camera

No Photocopy Facility in Library

Photocopy Facility in Library

No Bar Code Reader in Library

Bar Code Reader in Library

Less No. of Books in Library

Increase No. of Books in Library

No Fire Extinguisher

Fire Extinguisher

No Solar System

Solar System

No Generator


No Cemented Cycle Stand

Cemented Cycle Stand

No Website


Offline Software

Online Software

Low Internet Speed

High Internet Speed

Small Canteen Area

Large Canteen Area