Master of Business Studies (Semester System)

Kanchan Vidya Mandir Samudayik College started the MBS Semester System Program in the year 2018/2074. There are four semesters in this program. Each subject has been allocated 48 credit hours. The major subjects of this program are accountancy, financial management, production and operation management, business policy, business environment, international, business, organizational behavior, human resource management, strategic management, business economics, strategical methods, research methodology and entrepreneurship development. This program has the provision of internal evaluation. The internal evaluation includes performance assignments, seminar presentations, case analysis and marks of term papers. The college has open access library and e-Library where the students get information on their subject matters. The teaching methodology focuses on lecture teaching, class presentation, and group discussion, problem solving exercises, case analysis, guest lectures and field study. Multimedia projectors are also used while teaching. This program aims to develop student to become competent managers. This program focuses on making the students to develop their conceptual skills, communication skills and interpersonal relationship skills. It also aims to equip the students with required conceptual knowledge of business and management. This program intends to motivate the students to enhance their entrepreneurial capabilities. It also intends to develop research capabilities in the students. In the fourth semester students are required to submit their field work report written in about four thousand words.