Institutional Overview


Kanchan Vidhya Mandir Samudayik College, Kanchanpur is located in Bheemdatt Municipality Ward no. 4, Mahendranagar, of Province no. 7. It was established in 2066 B.S. by the collective efforts and contributions of intellectuals, social workers, local people, educational devotees and local government bodies viz. Municipality, District Development Committee and Town Development Committee.

This institution at first started BBS First Year class in 2066 B.S. The number of student in the first incoming batch of 2066 was 28. It became 75 students in 2067, 204 students in 2068, 406 students in 2069, 591 students in 2070, 764 students in 2071, 831 students in 2072, 839 students in 2073, 848 students in 2074 and 919 students in 2075 B.S. The number of students has been increasing year by year. Now there are about 919 students in our college in BBS level and MBS level. This college has physical facilities which can accommodate 800 students in BBS level and 200 students in MBS level. This college has done a lot of work in the field of education. It has prepared individuals for professional career in business management field. It has prepared competent students who are now doing well in their related field. It has also contributed towards the development of academic faculty, competent teaching manpower, library and infrastructure.

This is a community based college registered under the Act of TU. It is a service motive organization. It is neither owned by any individual or group of individuals nor it is run by the government. This institution is operated and governed by a board of management committee formed under the supervision of university. This institution, being a community based institution has a responsibility of imparting education to a large number of students coming from different sectors of the society and from far distant places such as hilly regions and rural areas of this province.

The college promotes various programs for the development of students. It is committed to serve the society in the education sector and to produce skilled human resource. Within a span of short period this college has been able to maintain goodwill and esteem in the eyes of the people of the province No 7. The college is striving to receive quality assurance and accreditation certificate from UGC. The college is committed to make improvement in its management practices and in fostering students to become more responsible towards their work and duties.

The college is focusing on building a continuous learning environment to make the students aware of the importance of learning. The internal examinations and feedback system promotes the students to learn at home. The college believes that high quality standard of education can be achieved by developing the students to be innovative and creative. Thus the college promotes faculty development which is the prime factor for making teaching and learning environment effective. In this connection the college has set up Internal Quality Assurance Committee (IQAC) and Self-Assessment Team (SAT). The members of IQAC include college chief, member of CMC and senior academic and management staff. The member of SAT consists of faculty member as the coordinator and other faculty members. Both Internal Quality Assurance Committee and Self-Assessment Team are oriented towards enhancement of quality education system of the college and towards the fulfillment of quality criteria as prescribed by UGC in order to undergo assessment for quality accreditation. The work of IQAC is to conduct periodic internal quality audit based on SSR requirements. Its responsibility is to give feedback to Self-Study Report (SSR) preparation team and to make recommendations to College Management Committee (CMC). SAT has the responsibility for the preparation of SSR. It also has to serve as an institutional facilitator during the visit of UGC team. This report has been prepared by SAT as per QAA criteria and quality indicators. 

Motto: Creating bona fide entrepreneurs and managers for the development of nation through quality education.